Sims 3 installation problems mac

Install your first expansion or stuff pack, oldest first by release date. After installing open the Launcher and download any further patch if prompted. Launch the game then quit when you get to the main menu.

Sims 3 installation problems

These four packs are very problematic and the most common cause of the Unknown Error message. All packs must be present in the base game Application folder but these four are missing so you must add each one manually. The core game contents folder which you should not normally have to worry about for these four packs does not install properly so must be added to the pack which actually launches your game. If you subsequently install a later pack, for example Into The Future, then you most copy the contents folder into the Into The Future folder. You absolutely MUST do this for each of the four packs.

Best practice would be to copy over the folder s after installing each pack you own, launching your game after each install to check it is working. If you do not have Ambitions, Late Night, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living then proceed to installing each pack in release date order, launching the game after each install to check the game is still working.

If you're still having issues then please start a thread or post in an existing one and someone will help you. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register.

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Answer HQ English: The Sims: The Sims Mac: Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: It is the Windows version of the game 'wrapped' using software called Cider which basically tricks the game into thinking it is running in Windows, an emulator of sorts. This is the root of most problems that users experience and why it is extremely difficult to diagnose and fix any errors in the game.

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There is a more detailed explanation here. This is because the LAA issue that was patched for Windows users was never addressed for the Mac version of the game. The Mac game is patched to 1. Mac users do not have the ability to disable Expansion and Stuff Packs through the Launcher. You need it to download a digital version of the game but that's it. Once downloaded an external installer will pop up guiding you through the installation process. Once the game is installed into your Applications folder you can load it directly from there without having to open Origin. It is not possible to repair or uninstall the game through Origin, no matter what EA customer support tell you.

It is impossible as the option is not, and never has been, available.

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The only solution for a proper Simming experience on your Mac is to play it in Windows, the OS which the game was written for. For detailed instructions on how to install Windows on your Mac please read this thread: Using the i reduces the chance of your download being corrupted.

If you have already been unfortunate and have a corrupted download, then it is important to remove all traces of this before trying again, by doing a thorough, clean uninstallation first. Make sure you are not running any antivirus or clean up apps, as these can delete files that Origin needs.

How To Get HQ Graphics for the Sims 3 on Macs

When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. These files may conflict with future installations. It is best to completely remove them. BluebellFlora's website provides a guide on how to do this: If you cannot update via the Launcher, download and apply the latest cumulative manual patch called the superpatch for Mac.

Check that your game works properly. Then install any EPs and SPs that you own, in order of release date. July Here's the thing, everytime I have tried to install the game it only reachs of and it won't continue- I downloaded origin and I am updating my comptuer MAC - I have tried to find the already failed attempt files of SM3 but can't find them anywhere,- my question is- will this harm the next download? Hello - We always get stuck at file of or whatever during the install from inside of Origin.

To me it sure seems like very poor work on the part of the creators of this product. Why sell us this download version mac OS if this problem is out there and known by many? The download and installation from Origin is not always trouble free, unfortunately. If you are having problems, I recommend that you remove all TS3 files from your Mac, as well as removing Origin, then start again.

Follow the instructions below on how to cleanly uninstall, then try to just get the base game installed and patched. If that works, back everything up before you start adding expansions, so that if something goes wrong you can get back to a functional base game without having to re-download all the time. Clean uninstall and reinstall When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer.

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Be sure to choose the right file - there are various 'regional' files for disc-users and one designated region 7 for Origin-users. Further information on the cumulative manual superpatch Many simmers find that patching their game via the Game Updates tab of the Launcher does not work properly. It is then better to download and apply the manual superpatch. It is important to download the Mac version rather than the PC version, and to pick the right one for your region. Be aware that if you are using a disc you need to choose the correct 'regional' file but if you are using digital download through Origin then you should use the file designated 'region 7'.

Instructions and the links to the downloads can be found in the Mac section of the forums at thesims3. Using Origin to install games on Mac Download and install the Origin client for Mac and make sure it is up-to-date.

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  6. If you already have Origin on your Mac but are having problems with downloading or installing games, delete the client and download a new copy this sometimes fixes issues with downloading. Are you running anti-virus software or any clean-up applications? If so, disable these, as they might be deleting files that Origin needs. A fast, stable internet connection will also help you. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. Well this isn't a "solution" but it is a work around for you to get sims 3 back on your machine and to be honest I don't know if you can do this on a MAC but it is worth checking out,.

    You can activate your game and download it digiitally from the EA store. If you don't trust the above link then here is the link to the EA store: Please Log In to post.