Tether wifi from mac to iphone

Mobile hot spots and Bluetooth tethering allow you to connect to your phone wirelessly.

Contact your wireless carrier to add the service before proceeding. Tap the type of tethering you would like to activate.

How to Share Your Laptop's Internet With Your Phone

Turn on your Apple laptop. Confirm your tethering connection. Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Skip to main content. Warnings Not all mobile carriers let you use your iPhone for tethering.

How to share your Mac Wi-Fi connection with your iPad

Those that do often make you pay extra to add the feature to your regular service plan. Be aware that tethering can quickly deplete your monthly mobile data quota. Consider upgrading to an unlimited data plan on your iPhone to avoid incurring additional monthly charges for exceeding your quota. References 4 Apple: Understanding Personal Hotspot Apple: So ive managed to set up the internet sharing so my macbook is working as a router but my iphone cant connect, it picks up the signal and tries to join but never fully joins, am i doing something wrong?

How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad

I have my computer connected with an Ethernet cable to my Internet Modem. These are my options:. This then […]. I want to either whitelist myself, or blacklist someone from the internetsharing.

Set up Personal Hotspot

Either way is fine. This is bc I live with 2 roommates, but our neighbor is useing it aswell. I think one of my roommates gave him the password.

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Any help is very much appreciated. Sorry for the broken English. The airport card cannot handle distance around the workshop.

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  • So Anyone know how to do this? I changed the DHCP X and it was off to the races for internet!

    If You Want to Share a Wi-Fi Connection

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    How to share your Mac internet connection with your iPad

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    How To: Use Wifi Internet Sharing on your Mac (Use your computer as a router)