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Search Articles and Discussions Sign in to ask the community. Business Mail. Information Solution. Version If you have no email accounts in Mac Mail or if it's your first time launching the app: In the Choose a Mail account provider dialog, select Other mail Account , then click the Continue button. If there's at least one account already in Mac Mail: Select Mail then Add Account.

i open my mail but i can't read or sernd mail

Enter the following: Full Name - The name you want on your outgoing email. Email address - Your full business email address. Password - The app password you created. Learn more about app passwords. Click the Sign In button.

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  8. If your business email address is not linked to a Yahoo ID, create your app password in your business email profile. Learn more. On the next screen, enter the following: User Name - Your full business email email address.

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    Older versions Launch the Mac Mail application. Click Continue. Description - This is optional. Outgoing Mail server - smtp.

    Check Use Authentication. And now it believes that it has been cut out from the Internet, and is suffering from Internet withdrawal syndrome. Add to that the fact that i get KBps tops in a 2GBps line, and recurrent reports of arbitrary bandwidth capping and Infinitum stops looking like a good alternative for home broadband. Anyway… Merry Christmas! Update AJ Gibson points out in a comment that Telmex is willing to remove the block from your account if you are willing to jump through a few hoops.

    Just go to http: As mentioned in the comments, YMMV.

    Envío de un servidor SMTP que no aparece en la lista

    I have tried 26 and several others. Is there a location in which the available ports are posted? Absolutely amazing!!! And I thought it was only me going mad! I run my own mail server too and many of my customers send mail through it with SMTP…. I have a Godaddy virtual dedicated Linux server with root access…. They fucked me also. Well you mai go out using other server i. I think using a trustable third party server is the best option as in the future it may help prevent my users email being picked up as spam for other reasons too….

    That was 2 days ago, and the problem is still not fixed.

    Telmex Prodigy Net Mx Correo

    On the Telmex web site I found a link to disable the new port 25 protection. It work and my problem appears to be fixed. Some clients asked for help so I be aware of this problem, my hosting provider as temporary solution, make available port 26 instead of port 25, and outgoing of email is fine. I was referred to this topic by a customer of ours. This is usually done as an anti-spam measure. Most providers will have an alternate port setup for their customers to be able to still use the smtp server.

    The only real way around it in that case is to find an outside mail server that will accept a connection from an alternate port and relay mail for you and then forward all your mail through that server. I ended up purchasing a small dedicated server with a company and then setting my email server up on that. Estas instrucciones son peligrosas en manos de administradores sin experiencia. Es correcto que al cambiar el puerto del 25 al 26 sobrepasas los filtros de Telmex, pero tambien vas a impedir que tu servidor de correo reciba correos de otros dominios!! Por favor pon algo aclarando esto mismo por que ya van varios admins que caen: La unica opcion que queda es utilizar SSL, en el puerto Asi lo tengo y funciona de maravilla.

    I have a little problem with the configuration, it just stop working, i recive the msgs on the server, but not on my computer the tech support changed the ports and try multiple configurations, they said that it was a antivirus problem, and its inactive!

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    Anyone know what can i do? Mmmm Javier, creo que esta mal lo que comentas Por que al cambiar el puerto vas a dejar de recibir emails? Primero, tu no estas cambiando nada en el servidor del email, o sea, los emails siguen llegando Al cambiar el puerto, de salida smtp, solo estas cambiando el puerto en tu computadora por el cual se envian los emails, recaldo, en tu computadora nada mas, en el servicio del email no estas cambiando nada.

    It also worked fine in Los Angeles recently. I am now in Bangkok and nothing seems to work to send mail. I receive but can not send.